Polar Explorer, aka PE, is  software produced by 
Danley Sound Labs which allows the user to check CLF  data as an alternative to the standard CLF  viewer. Common Loudspeaker Format or CLF is a format that has been adopted by many loudspeaker companies so that products can easily be compared.

Polar Explorer contains more than 500 CLF files from a dozen manufacturers, which  the user can check, review and compare.  Also, the user can upload their own CLF files to check.

Most of the graphs are interactive.  The user has control over how the data are displayed, and there are a number of displays which are not available in the standard CLF viewer.

Some of the things we can see with PE are

3d Balloons

3d Balloon

Classic polar diagram

Directivity contours, maybe one of the least used dispersion graphs used in audio, but so so instructive:

SH-50 Directivy contour. So proud of this flagship box! This is constant coverage.

Vertical and horizontal 2d coverage simulation

On axis magnitude response

All this graphs are displayed for a choosable frequency and they are shown at the same time for the choosen loudspeaker in a fancy user interface:

Finally, there is a function for comparing the data from  2 
loudspeakers from any manufacturers’ CLF data side by side.

The program can be downloaded from here

Learn more about PE with this video by Doug Jones:

Learn more about the CLF format here.